Frequently Asked Questions

Are my images protected and stored safely?

Yes, your images are stored on a secure server.


Who has access to my images?

If set to publicly available, then everyone has access to them. If publicly available is not checked then only clients you send a link to can see them.


How do I retrieve my Password?

On the login screen click the Forgot Password link, then fill out your username and email. A link to reset your password will be emailed to you.


What happens to my images when I am no longer a member of DVinchi

There is also a delete image button in the My Images section.


How do I see the work of a specific artist?

Click on Buy Art and enter the name of the Artist

When you click "VIEW RANDOMLY SELECTED ART" in the lower left of the screen click options, a small window will pop up.  Type in the name of the artist in Search.


How can I load my Art into my account on DVinchi for people to view and buy?

After registering for an account you can upload artwork using the Upload Image link on the left.

To connect a bank account to begin selling go to My Account, there is a link that will allow you to connect to our payment processor Stripe.


What is the phone number or email I can use to connect with DVinchi?       


Do you have a suggestion as to how to print and ship my art?
Yes, please check out the FedEx link below: